TERMS and CONDITIONS

Providing Accommodations:

  Here at Bristol Race Rentals Inc., it is our privilege to provide our customers with the most enjoyable and pleasant experience as they visit the Bristol Motor Speedway for the NASCAR races.  To do this, we provide accommodations
and lodging made available by private home owners.  These include houses, condominiums, apartments, RV's and RV
spaces. We have listings from 1 bedroom for couples up to 6 bedroom homes for an entire group.
Bristol Race Rentals, Inc., will provide a 24-hour hotline for our guests if any problems with the property should occur or if additional information is
needed, (423) 764-3042.

The Landlord Shall Provide The Following:

  The Landlord shall provide a fully furnished home or room which shall be found in a clean, habitable condition at the time the renter takes occupancy.  This includes but not limited to all utilities, bedding, (2) sets of towels, wash clothes and soap per number of persons to occupy premises and many other household items the renter might need to use.  The renter will have access to a fully furnished kitchen.  In addition, the renter will be responsible for the cleaning and putting away of used dishes, utensils and cookware.  A continental breakfast must be provided by the Landlord.
(B) The Landlord shall provide all paper products.
(C)  A minimum of (1) telephone shall be provided for local telephone calls, pre-paid or phone card calls.  If long distance calls are made and not paid for this will be deducted from the security deposit .

(D)  Smoke and/or fire alarms are required to be in place and working order by the Landlord

Care Of Premises and Property
     If there are damages or items of the Landlordís property missing, the Landlord has (3) three days after the renter has departed to notify BRR, Inc., of damages or missing property.  If damages or theft occurs, Bristol Race Rentals, Inc., will deduct from the security deposit the cost of any repairs caused by the negligence or fault of the renter.  Also, the cost of replacement of property missing from premises provided Landlord provides BRR, Inc., and renter with copies of all repair bills and statements for missing property within (30) thirty days.  As proof of premises contents, the Landlord shall take inventory of the contents of each room , or a videotape and file one copy each with BRR, Inc., and one with their insurance company. 
 If damages or missing property amounts to more than the amount of the security deposit the renter will be responsible for the additional amount and costs. NO PETS and NO SMOKING inside property. [Reservations and Cancellations] click here.
If BRR, Inc., or the Landlord is forced to file suit to collect for any damages or theft, the tenant or renter is liable for all court costs and attorneys fees.

     Landlord shall obtain and keep in full force and effect during the term of this Rental Listing Agreement a public liability insurance policy covering losses suffered on these premises, the limits of the coverage being as insurance agent reasonably requires, the same being comparable to coverage maintained on other rental units in the community.  The Landlord holds BRR, Inc., harmless from claims and judgments sought by third parties as well as the cost of defending such claims and suits all due to losses or alleged losses suffered or alleged to have been suffered on the premises.  The Landlords are expected to have liability insurance for the premises and itís contents.  Further, BRR, Inc., shall not be responsible to Landlord or others for losses due to theft, or damages caused by occupants or others to the premises or contents.  The Landlord shall hold Bristol Race Rentals, Inc., harmless for the same.