Advertise Your Property

         Have you ever thought about renting your home or property for the two Bristol race 
                weekends but you didn’t know exactly how to advertise your property?

     Here at Bristol Race Rentals, Inc., this is just what we do! We rent everything from houses, rooms, condos, and apartments, to RV spaces and RV campers. 

     One may ask, “Why should I rent my property?”  With 150,000 plus fans coming to our area twice a year, there is definitely a need to supply lodging for these race fans.  This means these new visitors to our area will be looking for a place to stay.  With a shortage of hotel and motel rooms, the only feasible answer to accommodate race fans is private home rentals, RV’s and camper rentals.  Just think, you could share in the profits with the speedway by renting your property.

     Another key element is location.  All properties within a 30-mile radius of the track are considered “prime locations”.
The facts, during the races; many fans stay as far away as 1½ to 2 hours because this is as close as they “think” they can
get to the speedway because hotel and motel rooms are full.  When in turn they find that private properties are available for rent within a 30-mile radius, they are opting out of staying long distances and are choosing to stay in private homes. It just makes good sense. We are looking for both moderate and upscale houses to serve our customers. Many are general ticket holders and others are suite and box holders.

     A question we hear a lot is, “How can you advertise my property for rent?”  Many ways.  First, by advertising on the Bristol Motor Speedway website.  Anytime someone visits their site, they will find Bristol Race Rentals, Inc., is providing lodging for race fans.  Next, as a member of the Bristol TN/VA Chamber of Commerce, we receive additional exposure to advertise for you.  In addition to these outlets, you have the Bristol Race Rentals, Inc., website itself.  Our website is found under many of the major internet search engines.  When internet users browse the web looking for lodging for the race, they will find BRR, Inc., in their search. These are just a few ways we work to promote the rental of your property.   

      An important note: The sooner you make your listing available on the Bristol Race Rentals, Inc., website, the more exposure and advertisement your property will receive. Your chances to rent your property are greatly increased. In
addition, the advertisement price 5 months previous to the race or just 1 month prior to the race will cost the same.  So
 the faster you respond, the more advertisement you will get for your money.

    If you have been hesitant and would like to try and rent your property, then just contact us. Others may have additional questions for us and we welcome those as well. We look forward to doing business with you. We are licensed by the
State of Tennessee, and have business licenses in Sullivan County and Bristol, Tennessee. Our office is located just ½ mile
from the Bristol Motor Speedway. You may contact us at:

                                                     Bristol Race Rentals, Inc.
                                                            105 Robin Drive
                                                           Bristol, TN 37620
                                         Phones (423) 646-3098 or 646-3093
                                      Fax (423) 764-3042 Call Before Faxing